Tactique - UEFA 2016 City Hall of Paris
Tactique is a football design project developed in a team with Marine Chatras and Martin Cabrol during a contest among students of the Parisian graphic design school EPSAA. The competition, assigned by the city hall of Paris, was to come up with a creative way to report the routes leading to the fan zone of the Eiffel Tower for the Euro 2016. Playing with the graphic codes that already exist on the football field and on the clipboard or notepad of the coach or journalist, our goal was to direct fans and spectators from many different countries without the linguistic or cultural barriers. 22 visuals were displayed from the metro station Duplex to the Champ-de-Mars during the time of the UEFA competition.
The UEFA 2016 project was published on ÉTAPES MAGAZINE and in the vol.36 of the world's best graphics magazine of Chois Publishing.
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