The second subject of my degree was to create the communication of the 28 solidarity designers's event that will take place in Paris.
Goal : Design innovative communication, in addition to a poster campaign in the urban space.
Representation of the 28 designers's concepts with illustrations, so as to create a social and solidarity path by a red thread that bind them together. Red and green posters for stronger communication. Green to represent the ecology and solidarity, red to alert the population. This concept of communication can be found on various media such as a poster campaign on the streets of paris, a banner on the site paris.fr, a notepad to encourage innovation (distributed at the subway exits), and a customization of wall.

Student degree
School: EPSAA, Paris
Designer: Lucille Fenouil
Country: France
The ideas notebook
Everyone is able to create new solidarity, social and circular ideas.
This notebook is distributed to the population to encourage and motivate all people to create.
" Because it all starts with small ideas written in a notebook. "
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